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About Crestchic

Established in 1983 and acquired by Northbridge in March 2006, Crestchic is the world's largest specialist loadbank manufacturer, selling and hiring its equipment to companies worldwide. Crestchic has sales and rental offices in the UK, North America, Singapore, Germany, Netherlands and Dubai. Its products range from standard size resistive and reactive loadbanks to custom-designed and built loadbanks of any size at any voltage and frequency. It also supplies packaged transformers for sale and rental. Crestchic has twenty-five years' experience in developing load test solutions, tailored to meet customers' needs, including solutions for DC, AC and MV testing.

Crestchic loadbanks have been operationally successful in all seven continents and are reliably testing power supplies every day in locations and climates across the world. Its customers include companies serving the utilities, off-shore oil and gas, ship-building and emergency and standby power sectors.

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